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'ProMagnon Man is a satirical and provocative documentary which follows comedian Gary Colman as he sets out to save the world from the damage done by 'civilisation'. "The future's bright, the future's Paleolithic". 

 'We follow comedian (and former doctor and jungle-warfare trained soldier) Gary Colman as he explores  the forgotten benefits of our former hunter-gather lifestyle and confronts the patriarchal, hierarchical establishment and challenges politicians, economists, doctors, and pretty much everyone'.

'Folks, welcome to ProMagnon Man: The Movie

I'm currently developing an amazing, mind-blowing documentary that is almost certainly going to change the world. Forever. Maybe. 

We've all heard the doom and gloom that the modern world is destroying the planet. And it is. Definitely.


But this film has the answer. Please follow us as we go from script to screen. If you have an interest in protecting the environment, human evolution, gender equality, comedy or film-making then please... 

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Gary Colman

is ProMagnon Man

Sign up to the newsletter, follow our blog, follow us on your favourite social media and lend us your support and together we'll change the world. Definitely.  

the film

'In a world facing climate stress never before experienced in human evolution. In a world facing ecological disaster, and mass extinction. In a world facing the painful, agonising end of human civilization...

"The future's bright, the future's Paleolithic".


'Every thing you think you know is wrong.


Civilisation is a recent, harmful and pathological blip'.


'99.999% of history we've been egalitarian hunter-gatherers... the happiest, healthiest and most successful period of human history,


And here's the science to prove it'.


'This is no pop-science.


This is cutting edge science with access to internationally renowned experts in the fields of anthropology, paleoanthropology, ecology, primatology, sociology and genetics including Prof Chris Knight, Dr Camilla Powers, Dr Jerome Lewis and other members of the Radical Anthropology Group. 

'Plus the voice and wisdom of the woman and men of various hunter-gather societies

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Comes a hilarious new comedy documentary'. 

"Colman has developed a fine piece of comedy that explores the important things in life" - BROADWAY BABY


"Fearlessly funny"- GQ

'This is not a film about cavemen. This is not a film about the past.

It's a film that asks how are we to live now if we are to thrive and have a better future. 

(but funny)
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'This film is a call to arms.


For urgent action to protect the future of indigenous hunter-gatherers. To learn from them not destroy them. 

To urgently and radically change our society to ensure we have a future too. 

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